SAIPA offers several workshops to people with and without disabilities each year, and we are always growing! Workshops we currently offer include:

Boards, Committees & Meetings

This is a workshop for people that want to get involved in the SRSAN Executive or on community committees. The information and exercises in this workshop will open conversations between facilitator and participants to create an opportunity for peer-to-peer support.

At the end of this workshop, participants will;

A Needed Boost to Your Self-Esteem

This workshop will focus on skills to improve self-esteem. Participants will learn about:

Abuse Prevention and Response Protocol

This training, intended for people receiving PDD supports and their guardians, gives learners the skills to recognize and report abuse. This training follows the PDD guidelines and standards for Abuse Prevention and response Protocol. Upon completion of this training, individuals and guardians will:

SAIPA offers this training on an as needed basis and is open to individuals and guardians served by any agencies receiving PDD funded supports.

Healthy Relationships and Sexuality

Based on curriculum from Planned Parenthood, Topics Include:

Computers for Beginners

This workshop focuses on basic skills for using your computer to connect with your community. Topics include:

Self-determination: feeling empowered to choose

Self-Determination gives you the freedom to plan, dream, make choices and make your voice heard. This workshop gives people the skills and confidence to begin making choices in every day life. Topics include:

First Impressions

You only get one chance to make a good first impression! SAIPA provides tools for success with this video-based workshop. This 4-week course will present information that is essential, including:

My History, Our Future (self-advocacy training developed by Vecova)

This is a video-based training program created for youth and adults with developmental disabilities to learn how to be self-advocates. It also assists allies to learn how to best support self-advocacy. self-advocacy is an important life skill necessary for citizenship and leading a meaningful life. Allies are support workers, relatives, friends or other members of an individual’s “circle of support.”  To access the Facilitator’s Guide, Self-Advocacy Workbook, Supporting Self-Advocacy Workbook, and all 28 videos, visit

Know Your Rights

Know Your Rights offers learning about:

This workshop is presented in plain language and offers different ways to learn through role play, discussion, art and decision-making scenarios.




Community Development