SAIPA’s on-site resources include many materials related to advocacy, rights and self-determination skills. Our resources are available in many formats including print, digital and electronic. Our resources can be utilized by individuals, support staff, agencies, families and groups. In addition to our physical resources, SAIPA also provides a quick and accessible knowledge base of community resources for any community member.


A Voice of Our Own – Disability Pride and the Self-Advocacy Movement in Alberta (DVD – 8 copies)

In this DVD, we hear from many self-advocates who are on a mission to gain empowerment and a voice of their own in community, government and their own lives.

AACT Tools for Change (binder –  8 copies)

Booklet, cd, newspaper and information

Change: A Journey to Inclusion – Inclusion Europe (Book – 1 copy)

A journey to inclusion as depicted by experiences in Bulgaria through colour photos and short captions in three languages.

Declarations of Independence: First-person values of self-advocacy (DVD – 1 copy)

Created by Albertans Advocating for Change Together (AACT), this short DVD is a memo to self-advocacy groups across the nation. Self-advocates use their own words to proclaim what the term means to them. Several expressions of self-determination are made clear, including: I am a person first; I speak for myself; my voice counts; making my own decisions, and we can learn from our mistakes.

This DVD will encourage the viewer to think about what self-advocacy means to them, and the support required to turn beliefs into action.

Everyone Has a Gift – Keynote John McKnight and John McKnight in Conversation with Billy Golfus – Inclusion Press (DVD – 1 copy)

Some people look at others and see issues and deficiency. John McKnight looks at people and sees assets and capacities. See this master storyteller challenge systems by exploring the undiscovered gifts we all have and can develop.

From Behind the Piano (Book – 2 copies)

This 136-page book (first edition) is used around the world by human service programs, high school teachers and college instructors. The book details the personal story of helping Judith Snow move out of an institution and into the community. In the process, a circle of support was born that not only helped Judith but changed the lives of all involved. The message is powerful and simple: none of us can deal with a crisis alone. John O’Brien’s 10-page afterword is a brilliant essay about the message of hope embedded in the book.

Hear My Voice – Stories Told by Albertans with Developmental Disabilities Who Were Once Institutionalized (Book – 1 copy)

The Alberta Association for Community Living (AACL) captures the oral histories of people with disabilities who were institutionalized and survived to live meaningful lives in the community. These experiences leave a permanent legacy for future generations.

I’m Not Drunk, I’m Disabled – Turning Disabilities into Possibilities (Book – 2 copies, DVD – 1 copy) – $20

Cory B. Johnson was born with cerebral palsy and suffered a debilitating stroke at age 11. He has built a successful career as a leadership counsellor and investment banker. Now, he professionally speaks to self-advocates to inspire them to find their own paths to success. Cory shares accounts of bullying, workplace discrimination and reshaping stereotypes.

Life Landscapes: Saskatchewan Advocate Stories of Success (Book – 2 copies)

A collection of stories created by People First of Saskatchewan that looks at the lives of many self-advocates and provides hope and insight into thriving in life with a disability.

My life, my choice – Personal stories, struggles and successes with person-directed living (DVD – 1 copy)

This DVD profiles seven Canadian adults with disabilities who are living Person Directed Lives. With flexible funding and independent planning, they can follow their hearts and live as they choose. Their stories are a powerful testament to what is possible when given the chance to dream.

Self-Advocacy Leadership Lessons (Binder – 1 copy)

These lessons are developed from the resource “Advocating Change Together – ACT Self-Advocacy Resource Network Memos.” These lessons facilitate a national dialogue among self-advocates and supporters and materials provide training that supports self-advocacy. Quizzes, group activities, lessons and stories are included.

Self-Advocacy: My Life Workbook – PDD Central Alberta Community Board (1 copy)

The “My Life” workbook was developed by individuals with developmental disabilities in central Alberta in 2002-2003 as part of their work in the Broadening Your Horizons project. Many individuals from the Wetaskiwin, Camrose and Red Deer areas assisted in the preparation of this workbook. This workbook is based on the quality of life standards that are part of Creating Excellence Together (CET) which are operated by the Alberta Association for Rehabilitation Centres.

Self-Advocacy Summit – Persons with Developmental Disabilities Provincial Board, 2004 (Book – 1 copy)

This resource describes the 2004 Self-Advocacy Summit which occurred September 17 – 19 in Edmonton. The book details discussions on social and political issues, community inclusion and life skills. Photos of summit participants bring this resource to life!

Speak from the Heart – Celebrating Ten Years of the Leadership Today Society of Alberta, 1998-2008 (Book – 1 copy)

This book celebrates Leadership Today graduates and supporters by sharing what is important to them and how they make the world a better place for people with disabilities.

Standing Up for Kids: A Guide to Advocacy for Children and Youth (Book – 1 copy)

This book discusses how to advocate for children, covering topics such as “What is Advocacy?” Different types of advocacy, and barriers to effective advocacy. The text also provides an advocacy model to work from.

The Other Sister (VHS – 1 copy)

This movie, starring Juliette Lewis, tells the story of Carla, an adult with a developmental disability who is determined to achieve independence. On her first day of college, Carla meets Danny and the two soon fall in love. This story is about inclusion and coming of age!

The Self-Advocacy Workbook (Book – 1 copy)

This book discusses the meaning of self-advocacy, how to successfully form and run an advocacy group and how to work with an advisor.

Together We’re Better: The Inclusion Series – 3 parts (VHS – 1 copy)

This set offers ready access to an acclaimed presentation on creating inclusive communities. This week-long inclusion workshop was hosted by noted inclusion specialists Dr. Marsha Forrest, Dr. Jack Pearpoint and Ms. Judith Snow. This series introduces the possibilities of inclusion to parents, educators and communities. The audience is offered a set of effective tools and strategies for fostering inclusive environments.

We Are People First: Our Handicaps Are Secondary (Book – 1 copy)

Published in 1982, this book focuses on the origins, growth and accomplishments of People First, complete with historical photographs.                                                   

Ally Support

ABCD in ACTION (DVD – 1 copy)

ABCD in action profiles five diverse groups who have utilized the principles of ABCD to create partnerships with those they serve. In effect, it rejuvenates and revitalizes their organizations.

ABCD in Action: When People Care Enough to Act (Book – 1 copy)

This is a book by Mike Green and Henry Moore. two of North America’s master practitioners in asset-based community development. Their work by focuses on the fact that citizens are the primary asset in local communities.

Action for Inclusion: How to Improve Schools by Welcoming Children with Special Needs Into Regular Classrooms (Book – 1 copy)

This is an extraordinary plain language guide to inclusion. Focusing on education, it is also a guide to building inclusive communities.

Beyond Traditional Job Development/The Art of Creating Opportunity Book – 1 copy)

This book rekindles initiative, simulates creative thinking and redefines the role of the job developer from reactive to proactive.

Building Communities From The Inside Out: A Path Toward Finding and Mobilizing a Community’s Assets (Book – 1 copy)

This book is a guide to asset-based community development. Authors John Kretzmann and John Mcknight summarize lessons learned by studying successful community-building initiatives in hundreds of “neighborhood-friendly” cities, explaining how people can rediscover and “map” their local assets, how they can combine and mobilize these strengths to build stronger, more self-reliant communities, and how “outsiders” in government or the philanthropic sector can contribute. A six-session video training program based on the book is also available.

Communities Can: Building Blocks of a Community-Based System of Care (Book -1 copy)

Communities Can is a national coalition of communities dedicated to serving and supporting all families near their homes. Communities Can provides its member communities with many supports, including a voice in the policy making process. Building Blocks of a Community-Based System of Care: The Communities Can Experience is one of the many documents and information sources for the coalition. This second edition is being published because there remains an urgent need for information about how to translate the concept of the family-centered, community-based, culturally-competent, coordinated services and supports into real, everyday actions.

Leadership and change in human services: Selected readings from Wolf Wolfersberger (Book – 1 copy)

For more than 40 years, Wolf Wolfersberger has been a significant figure in the world of human services, most notably in the disability field. His work on normalization and citizen advocacy in the late 1960s and early 1970s has been acknowledged by supporters and critics alike to have been fundamental to developments in a several countries. He also worked to further develop the theory of social role valorization, acting as a voice for the vulnerable. Never afraid of controversy, his views have brought him into conflict with institutional vested interests and radical groups alike.

One Candle Power: Seven Principles That Enhance Lives of People with Disabilities and Their Communities (Book – 1 copy)

Author Cathy Ludlum takes the reader on a walk that is at once universal and deeply personal; a blueprint for how we all should live our lives together. Entertaining and dazzling, this one journey you will be glad you made.

Pow! (Book – 1 copy)

This book is written by Henriette Piche. Henriette writes this book for her family and as a therapeutic challenge for herself.

Sharing Community: Strategies, Tips and Lessons Learned from Experiences of Community Building at Options (Book – 1 copy)

“Options” has been building community for 24 years. In detailing community, the authors share their experiences, the lessons they’ve learned and some of their most meaningful efforts. This book establishes that the real, most basic reason for community building is to find and develop opportunities for relationships, belonging and inclusion.

Speaking of Equality: Making Literacy Programs Accessible to People with an Intellectual Disability – A Guide for Program Managers and Coordinators (Book – 1 copy)

A guide to choosing an inclusive literacy program for persons with intellectual disabilities, their families, friends and support workers.

Speaking of Equality: Making Literacy Programs Accessible to People with an Intellectual Disability – A Guide for Tutors and Educators (Book – 1 copy)

All people are entitled to the same rights under law. Though all citizens have the right to an education, the reality is that many people with disabilities cannot read, write or use numbers. This is mainly because they have never had a chance to learn. This lack of access to literacy education is unfair. This book details how to change that.

The Inclusion Papers: Strategies to Make Inclusion Work – A Collection of Articles from the Centre for Integrated Education and Community by Jack Pearpoint, Marsha Forest and Judith Snow (Book – 2 copies)

An inspiring collection which brings new hope and practical applications for educators and parents that makes you feel like inclusion can be done and indeed work

Tools for Change (DVD – 1 Copy)

Tools for change is an interactive collection of 70 tools to assist teams, organizations and families deal constructively with change as we create inclusive and diverse communities.

The Wholehearted Journey: Bringing Qualities of Soul to Everyday Life and Work (Book – 1 copy; DVD – 1 copy)

This is a personal retreat book. Each chapter focuses on a quality of soulful living and offers a self-contained tutorial for applying it to everyday life and work. Generously sprinkled with poetry, parables penetrating questions and practical suggestions, The Wholehearted Journey equips us for a life of greater joy and authenticity.

The World of Community Disability Services: Meaningful Work, Stronger Communities (DVD – 1 copy)

Showcased in the DVD set are four career recruitment videos and two public service commercials created for Alberta broadcasts.  These recruitment videos open the door on the diverse, multidisciplinary and ultimately rewarding careers available in disability services. Each video highlights the different roles, organizations and individuals which make up this sector.

 Board Governance and Organizational Practices

Basic Principles of Policy Governance: Carver Guide (Book – 1 copy)

The Carver Guide series on effective board governance provides clear explanations of key aspects of policy governance and the board leadership model. Policy governance, an empowering and fundamental redesign of the board role, emphasizes values, visions and empowerment of both board and staff. Under policy governance, a board crafts its values into policies of four types: ends, executive limitations, board-executive linkage, and governance process. These categories of broad policy contain everything the board must say about the values which underlie all organizational decisions and practices. Redesigning policy in this way presents a powerful lever for board leadership.

Better Safe Risk Management in Volunteer Programs & Community Service (Book – 1 copy)

Here is a the risk management manual you’ve been waiting for!Better Safe is packed with practical, applicable tips, tools, checklists, and worksheets, all accompanied by a step-by-step guide that leads you through the risk management process. Use as much as little as you need from the essential sourcebook to ensure that your volunteer or community service program operates as safely and productively as possible. With special sections on setting boundaries, how to handle the risks of short-term and special event volunteers, and more, this book works for all sizes and types of volunteer-based programs and agencies.

Fierce Conversations: Achieving Success at Work & in Life, One Conversation at a Time (Book – 1 copy)

Author Susan Scott wants you to succeed. To do that, she explains, you must transform everyday conversations with effective ways to get your message across. In this guide, which includes a workbook and the seven principles of Fierce Conversations, Scott teaches you how to: overcome barriers to meaningful communication to expand and enrich conversations with colleagues, friends, and family.

Great Boards Plain & Simple: A Guidebook for Non-profit Managers & Board Members (Book – 1 copy)

Covering more than 50 topics, Great Boards is written for senior managers and board members of human service agencies, health care organizations, grassroots community groups, religious organizations, sports associations, service clubs and other non-profits. Sections are arranged in alphabetical order for quick and easy reference. Many suggestions are in point form, so you can quickly find the information you need. This is a practical book you will use repeatedly.

Great Boards: The Workbook (Book – 2 copies)

This workbook is companion to Great Boards – Plain and Simple. Eight Comprehensive and interactive case studies reveal common challenges and problems relating to boards of directors, staff and organizations. Each case study offers a series of questions giving the board and managers an opportunity to explore and discuss the options available to solve each problem.

Human Resource Management and the Human Rights Process (Book – 1 copy)

This valuable book for the human resource manager summarizes the provisions, interpretations and applications of human rights legislation as it relates to human resource planning, job analysis, recruitment, selection, training and development, performance appraisal and more. Special areas of concern such as affirmative action, equal pay, occupational health and safety and labour relations are also discussed.

Managing Transitions: Making the Most Change – updated and expanded edition (Book – 1 copy)

The business world is a place of constant change, with stories of mergers, layoffs, bankruptcy, and restructuring appearing in the news every day. In this book, author William Bridges provides a clear understanding of what change does to employees and what employees in transition can do to an organization. Directed at managers and employees in today’s corporations, Bridges shows how to minimize the distress and disruptions caused by change.

Outcome-Based Evaluations: Second Edition (Book – 1 copy)

Outcome-based evaluations continue to play a central role in education, health care and rehabilitation policy analysis, In an extensive revision of the first edition of the classic text and reference first published in 1995, the author broadens the coverage from those with developmental disabilities to include other areas of human and social services such as education, health, mental health, aging, substance abuse and corrections.

Planning Better Board Meetings (Book – 1 copy)

This book examines how to restrict crowded agendas, scattered focuses of discussion, and all the familiar weaknesses of group discipline. Readers also learn how to select subject matter for meetings and plan use of board time.

Reflective Practice: Writing & Professional Development – Third Edition (Book – 1 copy)

The third edition of this popular and highly readable book offers a searching and thorough approach which increases student and professional motivation, satisfaction, and deep levels of learning. Using expressive and explorative writing combined with in-depth group work and mentoring, it enables critical, yet sensitive examinations of practice.

Reinventing Your Board: A Step-by-step Guide to Implementing Policy Governance (Book – 1 copy)

This hands-on guide serves as a practical manual for implementing the policy governance model. The authors illustrate effective board decision-making, how to craft useful policies and offer practical advice on setting agendas, monitoring performance and sample policies. This is a valuable resource for any organization wishing to improve its performance through effective leadership.

Small Business I.T. for Dummies, Dell and Intel Edition: All the I.T. Know-how Your Small Business Needs to Succeed (Book – 1 copy)

You don’t need a PhD in computer science to understand information technology (I.T.) and make it work for your small business. This friendly guide will provide a variety of tips, from improving your company’s website to creating a more efficient wireless network in your office. This book also tells you how to find I.T. experts so you get the right solutions for your business.

Strategic Planning for Dummies: Includes Practical Planning Know-how for Businesses of Every Size (Book – 1 copy)

If you’re starting a new business or planning your business’ future, there are plenty of things you should take into account. Strategic Planning For Dummies covers everything you need to know to develop a plan for building and maintaining a competitive advantage — no matter what business you’re in.

Technology Tool Kit: For Not-for-profit Organizations by Alberta Community Development and the Wild Rose Foundation (Book – 1 copy)

This resource, developed by Alberta Community Development and the Wild Rose Foundation, is a practical guide to assist non-profit organizations develop an enhanced level of awareness around information technology. The Technology Toolkit is made widely available to communities and non-profit organizations across Alberta.

Wainberg’s Company Meetings, Including Rules of Order – Third Edition (Book – 1 copy)

This book contains information on rules of order, organization of meetings, elections and appointments, motions and resolutions, discussion, minutes, notices, proxies, company meetings and forms.

 Person-centered Planning

A Good Life: For You and Your Relative with A Disability (Book – 1 copy)

From the Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network, this is an inspirational guide to rethinking disability and the value of people with disabilities. It provides families and caregivers with insights, stories of inspiration and practical advice to help plan the future of a loved one. It offers a step-by-step guide to creating a future plan which encompasses the safety, security and well being of people with disabilities.

All My Life’s A Circle: Using the Tools: Circles, MAPS & PATHS (Book – 1 copy)

This is an introduction to the three person-centered planning tools. This book demonstrates how they can be utilized to support children and families in educational settings. Topics include creating circles of support based on intimacy, friendship, participation and exchange; Making Action Plans (MAPS), designed to help individuals, families and organizations move into the future; and Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope (PATH). This resource is a step by step guide to implementing each tool, complemented by engaging stories, poems and exercises.

Disability, Society, and Change (Book – 1 copy)

The information in this handbook and kit was developed from the ideas, experiences and expertise of individuals who reflect the interests of people with disabilities, including advocates, parents and service providers.

Down syndrome and You (Book – 1 copy)

This booklet was produced for the Canadian Down Syndrome Society and the Ups and Downs Society of Calgary.

Inclusion Press: Rediscovering Maps: Charting Your Journey (New Maps Training Video)

After 15 years of MAPS experiences, Marsha forest, John O’Brien and jack Pearpoint return to rediscover the power and beauty of the MAPS process. This video tape was made in the last six months of Marsha’s life. It is a tribute to Marsha and part of the commitment that her work will continue. In this video, segments of two MAPS processes are used to provide support and instruction to people concerned with excellence and integrity in Person Centred Planning process.

Make a Difference – A Guidebook for Person-Centered Direct Support (Book – 1 copy)

This book is targeted at direct support providers, giving them tools and information to help provide supports in a more meaningful and person-centered way.

Leaders Manual for Make A Difference: A Guidebook for Person-Centered Direct Support (Book – 2 copies)

This manual accompanies Make A Difference: A Guidebook for Person-Centered Direct Support and its companion slides sets: Make a Difference.ppt and person-centered themes.ppt which you will find, with other resources, on the CD-ROM included in this manual. It includes suggestions for guiding a group of learners in improving their understanding of direct support.

Path in Action: Working with Groups & Path Training Video (DVD – 1 copy)

This inspiring teaching video which illustrates two paths with two groups planning the future of a school system – one with 40 high school students and one with senior administrators. If you are dealing with change, this video is a must watch.

Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope: A Work Book for Planning Positive Possible Futures (Book – 1 copy)

A guide to exciting, creative, colorful futures planning for families, organizations and schools to build caring “including” places to live, work & learn. Path is an eight-step problem solving approach involving dreaming and thinking backwards.

Person-centered Thinking (Binder – 1 copy)

This resource provides an opportunity to start supporting people in ways that really matter to them. It offers practical ways to gather information and to set actions that make a real difference.

Safe and Secure: Six steps to creating a good life for people with disabilities (Book – 2 copies)

Safe and Secure is a useful tool in understanding yourself, the health practitioner and the family member that you nature. The six steps will be your guide as you gather the information and phrase your questions in a way that will help you make informed decisions.

Understanding Personal Directives: Office of the Public Guardian (Book – 2 copies)

This book will help people understand what a personal directive is, and how to create one. It will also cover frequently asked questions.

Writing on Empowerment (Book – 1 copy)

A Little Book About Person-centered Planning

This book discusses the basics of person-centered planning, including the steps needed to create a proper plan that focuses on the individual’s goals, dreams and desires.

Implementing Person-centered Planning: Voices of Experience, Volume 2

This book discusses the origins of person-centered Planning and how to properly execute a PCP. The book discusses how to make the most of the plan and tools for evaluation to determine the plan’s effectiveness.

Celebrating the Ordinary: The Emergence of Options in Community Living as a Thoughtful Organization (Book – 1 copy)

This book details Options in Community Living, a small agency that supports individuals with disabilities to move beyond supported living and direct attention to more person-centered supports.

PATH – A Workbook Second Edition (Book – 1 copy)

This book explains that PATH is a tool, a process and a journey to help people move into a more positive and possible future. Working through this book will help to create your PATH.

PATH Demonstration Video by Inclusion Press (DVD – 1 copy)

A video detailing the process of PATH (Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope)

PATH IN ACTION: Working with Groups & PATH TRAINING VIDEO (DVD – 1 copy)

This DVD contains an inspiring teaching video that shows an example using the steps in the PATH workbook.

Person-Centered Thinking (Binder – 1 copy)

A compilation of tools to start supporting people in ways that really matter to them. It is a way to gather information and begin to set actions.

Person-centered Planning Information (Binder – 1 copy)

This binder contains a compilation of information about person-centered planning, including worksheets, resources and SAIPA forms.

Safe and Secure: Six Steps to Creating a Good Life for People with Disabilities: Alberta RDSP Edition (Book – 2 copies)

This book assists individuals and families with estate planning, emphasizing the benefits of the Registered Disability Savings Plan in this process.

Employment and Personal Issues

7 New rules for the Sandbox: The ABCs of Generational Retention (Book – 1 copy)

For the next decade and beyond, employee retention is job number one for managers. Creating and sustaining a workplace that attracts and retains employees from all four generations is crucial to organizational success. This book provides generation-specific strategies to make your organization an “employer of choice” to Generations X and Y, Traditionalists and Baby Boomers alike!

30 Ways to Shine as a New Employee – A guide to Success in the Workplace (Book – 1 copy)

This book provides ideas and strategies to bring passion and purpose to your new job. The author looks at ways to calm your first day jitters, understand workplace culture, learn from your mistakes and deal with difficult people.

A Guide to Rights and Responsibilities in Alberta Workplaces (Book – 1 copy)

A manual developed by Alberta Human Resources and Employment detailing the rights and responsibilities of business owners and employees. Helpful for those looking for a job, and provides laws to follow on the job and when leaving.

Boyfriends + Girlfriends: A guide to dating for people with disabilities (Book – 1 copy)

Boyfriends + Girlfriends It is an easy-to-read illustrated guide about dating and relationships for teens and adults with disabilities. It also covers important questions and concerns.

Building Community: Practical ways to build inclusive communities for people who are vulnerable (Book – 1 copy)

In this remarkable book, Cara Milne shares stories and ideas that remind us of the importance of belonging and community. She offers specific and practical direction on how anyone can begin to build a community, right where they are!

Building Human Rights Communities (Binder – 1 copy)

A resource for teaching and learning about human rights, citizenship, quality of life and communities. Includes activities that actively engage students in learning about human rights.

Business Etiquette – Someone is Always Watching! (audio CD)

An audio CD about etiquette. Business etiquette is big when it comes to career and employees should always represent their organization. How we dress and act is always noticed.

Discovery: Charting the Course to Employment: A Strategy to Provide the Foundation for Customized Employment Planning for Persons with Complex Lives (Book – 1 copy)

This book is about translating the activities of everyday lives into employment possibilities. There are questions and activities to guide the process.

Dress Right for Business (Book – 1 copy)

This six-chapter book is your guide to appropriate attire at work! Users will understand how clothes make an impression, classic business styles, how to look your best and how to plan your business wardrobe.

From Hiring to Firing: A No Nonsense Guide to Managing Employee Performance (Book – 1 copy)

A practical, concise and comprehensive guide for all supervisors and managers. Discover dozens of valuable tips to prevent employee performance problems. Topics covered include attitude problems, conflict resolution, constructive critical feedback, illness and injury.

Masterminding Your Success: Coping with Stress at Home, Work and School (Book – 1 copy)

A teaching and learning manual with more than 30 exercises. This book can be used for children, teens and adults. The authors are professionals in the health and education sector and help us to invite defeat and build upon our resources to win the battle.

Mind and Body: Answers to your Questions (Book – 1 copy)

This book is all about you! You will learn about your body, relationships, growing up, and keeping yourself safe.

Taking Care of Myself: A Healthy Hygiene, Puberty and Personal Curriculum for Young People with Autism (Book – 1 copy)

This book was specifically designed to address the health and safety needs of students aged five and up with autism spectrum disorders. Through a unique combination of social stories and easy-to-understand activities, Taking Care of myself will reduce the fear and confusion surrounding issues of health, hygiene, puberty and more. Whether you’re concerned about abuse or just want a bath time doctor’s visits to be more pleasant experience, this book is must-read for those who love and guide students with disabilities.

Volunteering: How to Build Your Career by Helping Others (Book – 1 copy)

This book shows how volunteering can be a valuable part of your career path. It can increase your life and work exploration. A resource provided by the Government of Alberta.

Finance and Budgeting

Make an Offer to Buy a Home (Pamphlet – 1 copy)

Mortgages and other money matters (Pamphlet – 1 copy)

The first steps when you buy a home (Pamphlet – 1 copy)

Your home-buying team (Pamphlet – 1 copy)

These booklets are for general information only. They do not take place of professional help.

Stretch Your Dollars: Budgeting Basics (Book – 5 copies)

Money Mentors is the only Alberta-based not-for-profit organization that can educate you on unbiased money and debt management. This book includes helpful tips and tricks, including budgeting templates.

Resource Manuals and Reports

GAIN: Essential Information on Charitable Gaming Activities – A Resource Manual (Book – 1 copy)

If your charity or non-profit is preparing for a casino, this is the book for you! Topics covered include eligibility, use of proceeds, financial reporting, volunteers, integrity and responsibilities.

A Guide to AISH: Assured Income for the severely Handicapped (Book – 2 copies)

The AISH program provides financial and medical benefits to adults with permanent disabilities which affect their livelihood. This resource is an excellent guide to the program.

A Study of Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) System: An Evaluation of Governance, Mandate, Services and Practices for Alberta Health and Wellness

The PDD system is at a key stage in its evolution as the governance and service delivery agent for approximately 8,400 Albertans. Since its inception in 1998, a new structure has been put in place; various policies and procedures have been developed; services are being delivered; Board members are expanding their comprehension of their roles and expectations; and the expected challenges and problems of any new system are being encountered and resolved.

Cultural Competence: A Guide to Organizational Change (Book – 1 copy)

The resource accompanies organizations in their sustainable, transforming efforts to integrate cultural diversity into all aspects of their structure and functions.

Have Influence on Public Policy: Be H.I.P.P.: A manual and tool kit on how voluntary organizations can influence public policy (Book – 1 copy)

This public policy toolkit was funded by Human Resources Development of Canada (HRDC) and was designed by YMCA Canada to help YMCA leaders and voluntary sector leaders increase their understanding of the structure, processes, priorities and key players of local, provincial and federal government in addition to providing tools for developing and influencing public policy strategy.

Violence against Women with Disabilities: Guidelines for Service Providers (Book – 1 copy)

This booklet was compiled by the Kingston Independent Living Resource Centre with the assistance of a community advisory committee of women with disabilities.

World Report on Disabilities (Binder – 1 copy)

 Training and Facilitation

Abuse Prevention and Response: Everyone Has a Role – Training Manual (Book – 2 copies)

This manual has been designed for easy access to information to train people on Abuse Prevention and Response Protocol.

An Advisor’s Guidebook for Self-Advocacy (Book – 1 copy)

This manual is designed to be used by advisors (helpers) to self-advocacy groups. It is intended to be informative, stimulate thought and provide possible alternatives for action.

A Needed Boost to Your Self-Esteem- Facilitator Guide (Book – 1 Copy)

This will help you facilitate a workshop for participants who want to understand what self-esteem is and how to boost it.

Boards, Committees and Meetings – Facilitator Guide (Book – 4 copies)

This will help you facilitate a workshop for participants who want to understand what Boards, Committees and Meetings are about. The exercises included in this workshop will  open conversations between facilitators and participants and provide an opportunity for peer-to-peer support.

Hints for Graphic Facilitators (Book – 14 copies)

This book is an introduction to graphic facilitation. It includes beginning steps and has hundreds of images that you can build on. Most are very simple, but color panels also demonstrate how felt pens and pastel crayons can make everyone’s work lively and colorful.

Individual Rights (DVD – 5 copies)

The power of people’s voices are used to raise awareness about the rights of individuals, controls, and choice.

Knowing Your Rights – A workshop to teach the rights and responsibilities of Albertans (DVD – 4 copies)

Persons who use this DVD will be able to:

  • Define rights and tell the difference between the Canadian charter of right, Alberta Human Rights and Individual (Equal) Rights
  • Exercise their rights with confidence support someone else to exercise their rights
  • Explain and demonstrate how rights and responsibilities go together
  • Understandind when rights can be taken away or violated
  • Explain how to report a rights violation

Inclusion for All: The UN Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities (Book – 1 copy)

Inclusion for All unities a variety of perspectives on the issues and controversies surrounding the inclusion of people with disabilities in all aspects of society. It provides the reader with an understanding of the historical perspective on human rights; the critical nature of inclusion; the convention provisions; the necessity of honouring family culture and values.

Knowing Your Rights (DVD – 23 copies)

Person-centered Planning with Maps and Path- A Workbook for Facilitators Book – 11 copies)

This book helps to create maps and paths for everyday life events and goals.

Writing/Plain Language

Growing Up Among Strangers: a film and guide to create opportunities for dialogue (DVD – 1 copy)

Growing Up Among Strangers examines the duality of growing up in Canada’s cultural mosaic. The film follows the experiences of Canadian youth from culturally diverse backgrounds as they struggle to balance two worlds: the traditional cultural that lies outside.

Is It Plain? A manual for plain language writers

Vocational and Rehabilitation Research Institute

Oxford English Reference Dictionary (Book – 1 copy)

Oxford Guide to Plain English (Book – 1 copy)

Twenty one essential guidelines to help you write and express yourself more clearly.

Oxford Popular School Dictionary (book 1 copy)

The Freedom Tour: An institution is not just a place, it is the way people think (DVD – 1 Copy)

16 people, 4 vehicles, 3 provinces, 2 cameras, 1 goal. free our people!

The Dictionary of Concise Writing: 10,000 Alternatives to Wordy Phrases (Book –  1 Copy)

The Dictionary of concise writing is your guide to clean strong prose. This compendium lists thousands of common, wordy phrases that too many writers rely on, and offers concise alternatives. Whenever you feel fat creeping into your writing, open this book and trim it out.

Writing Matters: Getting Your Message Across (Book – 4 copies)

Janet Pringle has worked with people with disabilities for 12 years as a researcher, plain language writer and ally and advocate. Her focus is on low-literacy barriers. She has written on legal topics, health and safety, home buying, board participation, and womens concerns.

My Manners Matter Game Kit (4 copies)

Comes with cd, flashcards, dice, game board and instructions on how to play.

Gifts n’ Giving Jabbers: A game for self advocates by the riot (Booklet – 13 copies)

Each player gets a game card with 20 pictures in numbered boxes that correspond with things that they could do for someone else. The facilitator. The players choose a number and read the corresponding action aloud. Players are encouraged to discuss the action and whether it applies to them.