SAIPA’s on-site resources include many materials related to advocacy, rights and self-determination skills. Our resources are available in many formats including print, digital and electronic. Our resources can be utilized by individuals, support staff, agencies, families and groups. In addition to our physical resources, SAIPA also provides a quick and accessible knowledge base of community resources for any community member.

Resources for sale:

Individual Rights DVD $20

This DVD has embraced the voices of individuals, staff, and guardians. The power of people’s voices were used to create this resource to raise awareness about the rights of individuals as full citizens in their community. Additionally, to empower individuals to exercise their rights, control and freedom to choose. It is a tool that will assist individuals, families, guardians, agency staff and the community to embrace individuals’ rights and apply them to every day life.

Key Benefits

  • Creates awareness of individual rights
  • Empowers people to exercise their rights, control and freedom to choose
  • Creates an understanding of rights and their importance in the community.

Safe and Secure Book FREE

Safe and Secure is a useful tool in understanding yourself, the health practitioner and, most of all, the family member that you nurture. The six steps will be your guide as you gather the information and phrase your questions in a way that will help you make informed decisions.

Key Benefits

  • An excellent resource for future planning.

“Writing Matters – Getting your message across” ~by Janet Pringle $20

This book is about clear, plain language communication on paper. Sometimes we call it reader-based language – the focus is on the readers, not the writer. This book is beneficial to those who face literacy barriers as well as the public.
~ “Writing Matters – Getting your message across” by Janet Pringle

Key Benefits

  • Money & time saved: Busy people don’t have time to read poorly written documents; they appreciate materials that are written clearly and concisely.
  • Simplicity: plain language does not hide behind a screen of difficult words.
  • Increased independence: documents written in plain language provides increased control and understanding over our own lives.

“I Am A Citizen” – DVD $20

Developed by the South Region Self-Advocacy Network (SRSAN) Teaching Community Committee. This resource was developed to go along with their presentation. It features people talking about how they contribute to society as a citizen.

Key Benefits

  • Helps people understand the value of people with developmental disabilities and how they contribute to their community.

“I’m Not Drunk, I’m Disabled” – Book & DVD $20

Cory Johnson inspires us to turn disabilities into possibilities.
Learn about the four types of disabilities we use to limit ourselves and how we can champion them to succeed.
Born with cerebral palsy and suffering a stroke at age 11, Cory has endured misconceptions about his abilities everywhere from the playground to the business world.
Cory is now a successful public speaker, delivering his message of encouragement and hope. Cory’s infuses his story is with heart-felt inspiration and lots of gentle humour. If Cory can turn his disabilities into possibilities, so can YOU!

Key Benefits

  • Humor and inspiration!
  • Teaching others about the lives of people with disabilities

Books or Resource Kits

  • 30 Ways to Shine – Denise Bissonnettee
  • Beyond Traditional Job Development (book & tape) – Denise Bissonnette
  • The BIG Plan – A good life after school – Coulson/Simmons
  • Reinventing Your Board – John Carver & Miriam Mayhew Carver
  • Great Boards – The Workbook – Paula J. MacLean
  • Is It Plain? A Manual for Plain Language Writers – Janet Pringle
  • Leader’s Manual for Making a Difference – A Guidebook for Person Centered Direct Support – O’Brien & Mount
  • 7 New Rules for the Sandbox – Paula J. MacLean
  • A Little Book About Person Centered Planning – O’Brien/O’Brien
  • ABCD in Action – When People Care Enough to Act – Green/Moore/O’Brien
  • Action for Inclusion – O’Brien, Forest, Snow, Pearpoint and Hasbury
  • All My Life’s A Circle – Using the Tools: Circle, Maps & PATHS – Falvey, Forest, Pearpoint, Rosenberg
  • Basic Principles of Policy Governance – John Carver & Miriam Mayhew Carver
  • Change – Inclusion Europe
  • Community – The Structure of Belonging – Peter Block
  • Cultural Competency – Hieu Van Ngo
  • Fierce Conversations – Susan Scott
  • Find Your Voice At Work – Andree Iffrig
  • From Behind the Piano – What’s Really Worth Doing and How to Do It – Author Snow/Pearpoint
  • From Hiring to Firing – Paula J. MacLean & Derek G. Redman, Q.C.
  • Human Resources Management and the Human Rights Process – John G. Kelly
  • I’m Not Drunk, I’m Disabled – Cory Johnson
  • Implementation Person-Centered Planning – Voices of Experience – Author O’Brien/OBrien
  • Life Landscapes (50th Anniversary) – Saskatchewan Family Network
  • Life Landscapes – The Saskatchewan Family Resilience Project
  • Life Landscapes – Advocate Stories of Success – People First Saskatchewan
  • Make a Difference – O’Brien/Mount
  • Managing Transitions – William Bridges
  • Masterminding Your Success – Henry L. Janzen; John G. Paterson; Carl Blashko
  • Meeting Builders (Program 1, 2, &3) – Advocating Change Together
  • Members of Each Other – O’Brien/O’Brien
  • One Candle Power – Cathy Ludlum
  • Planning Better Board Meetings – John Carver & Miriam Mayhew Carver
  • Sharing Community – Messinger/Mills
  • Speak from the Heart – Leadership Today
  • The Inclusion Papers – Strategies to Make Inclusion Work – Pearpoint/Forest/Snow
  • The Company of Others – Sandra Shields and David Campion
  • The Wholehearted Journey – Denise Bissonnettee
  • Wainberg’s Company Meetings including Rules of Order – J.M. Wainberg
  • Writing Matters – Getting Your Message Across – Janet Pringle
  • Your Learning Journey – John O’Brien/Beth Mount
  • Together We’re Better (Tape 1, 2 & 3) – Inclusion Press
  • Community Power Vote – Community Voter Campaign member kit – Pearpoint/Forest/Snow
  • PATH – A Workbook for Planning Positive Possible Futures/Planning Alternative Tomorrows With Hope – Pearpoint/Forest/Snow
  • Know Your Rights – Advocating Change Together
  • Get on Board This Train to Freedom – Understanding the Civil Rights View of Disability – Advocating Change Together
  • Changing Attitudes – Advocating Change Together
  • I Am A Person First! Understanding the Value of Values – Advocating Change Together
  • I Can Speak for Myself! – Advocating Change Together
  • Developing Leadership in Your Group – Leading from the Middle – Advocating Change Together
  • Reach for the Power Switch – How Ordinary People Can Use Power to Make Change – Advocating Change Together
  • Shaking Off Stereotypes – Advocating Change Together
  • Step by Step – Understanding the Spiral Model of Organizing – Advocating Change Together


  • A Proud Moment in Time – Calgary Disability Rally 2007
  • ABCD In Action – Inclusion Press
  • Cosmos – Creating Opportunities, Changing Lives – Cosmos
  • Declarations of Independence – First Person Values on Self-Advocacy – Advocating Change Together
  • Everyone Has a Gift – McKnight
  • How to Talk – Self-Advocacy Federation
  • MAPS Collection – Inclusion Press
  • My Life, My Choice – Inclusion Press
  • PATH Demonstration Video – Inclusion Press
  • PATH In Action – Working with Groups & PATH Training Video – Inclusion Press
  • Proud of Who We Are! – Self-Advocacy Federation
  • Rediscovering MAPS – Charting Your Journey – Inclusion Press
  • The Freedom Tour – People First of Canada
  • The Other Sister – A Garry Marshall Film
  • The World of Community Disability Services – Community Disability Services
  • Tools for Change – Pearpoint/Forest/O’Brien
  • Circles of Rhythm – Judy Atkinson