Individual Advocacy

advocacy_pageIndividual advocacy support is provided by a staff member who will support a person advocating (speaking up) for themselves. We assist and encourage individuals to have a voice, have full participation and be a guiding figure in the administration and delivery of their personal supports. There are times when this can be a challenge for someone with a disability; staff will provide individuals with the tools and support to speak up about issues that are important to them.

Support Circles are provided when an individual or their support network approaches SAIPA to build resources around themselves or the person they are supporting to continue to allow for continued growth. These circles are built of peers who may have experience, knowledge, and community connections. The support circles are completely individualized, providing the person with an avenue to discuss their ideas, concerns and goals with a specified group of people who will provide the natural support outside of SAIPA’s office.

The Process:

  1. A person approaches SAIPA with a goal
  2. SAIPA assists them to find peers who can help them with this goal
  3. SAIPA facilities initial conversations and assists to develop a relationship between the person asking for support and their support circle members
  4. SAIPA fades its support, leaving it to the natural supports in the group.

Examples of support circles created in the past include housing, advocacy and building relationships.

Support to SRSAN

SRSAN is a group of people with and without   disabilities who create positive change within their communities. SAIPA also provides support to SRSAN in these areas: planning, travel, newsletter preparation, committee meetings, facility bookings and other areas as needed. SAIPA encourages SRSAN to work towards independence.

Community Development