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SAIPA/SRSAN Board Position

SRSAN Committees

Fundraising Committee

This committee raises funds for events or activities which promote SRSAN’s mission and vision.

Conference Committee

This committee plans and coordinates a self-advocacy conference.

Government Communications Committee

This committee teaches SRSAN members about government, and informs the different levels of government about SRSAN and the issues that affect individuals with developmental disabilities.


This committee teaches others to speak up for themselves and advocate for change.


This committee aims to learn and improve themselves and teach community about SRSAN.

Citizen Walk About

This is a standing committee of SRSAN that helps plan the Citizen Walk About annually.

Newsletter Crew

This committee meets weekly to develop the SRSAN Self-Advocacy Newsletter called “The Ripple”. Click here for more information.

Right 2 Love Right to Love logo

“Right 2 Love” Lethbridge began in February 2016; it is a free group where people with disabilities of all kinds can come together to discuss their feelings on love, relationships, sex and sexuality. The group meets at SAIPA one Monday per month. SAIPA has partnered with ARCHES (formerly Lethbridge HIV Connection) to utilize the organization’s expertise in group facilitation and sexual education. Although new to the city, the Right 2 Love movement began in Calgary in 2010 through the work of Disability Action Hall: a group of self-advocates with disabilities, the SCOPE Society and the Calgary Sexual Health Centre. Along with monthly meetings, the group provides education and awareness about people with disabilities and their right to meaningful relationships. Click here for more information on Right 2 Love. 


Committees outside of SRSAN

PDD Self-Advocate Advisory Committee

The representatives, chosen through SRSAN, represent the South Region of Alberta to influence change in the PDD program on a provincial level. This committee is made up of two self-advocates from each region of Alberta who meet together to discuss how to make PDD program better.

Albertans Advocating for Change Together

The representatives, chosen through SRSAN, represent the South Region of Alberta to advocate for changes provincially. This committee does not influence change with PDD but influences change throughout the province as a whole. This committee is also made up of two self-advocates from each region of Alberta. Click the link below to learn more about AACT!
Albertans Advocating for Change Together

The International Day of Persons with Disabilities

This event occurs annually December 3; self-advocates and representatives from community organizations work together to plan a celebration that highlights the accomplishments of those with disabilities while also raising awareness of important issues faced by persons with disabilities. Click here for more information.

The Coalition of Municipalities Against Racism and Discrimination (CMARD)CMARD

This is a UNESCO Committee of which our city became a member in 2007. The local group works to end racism and discrimination in Lethbridge, and advocates have played a key role in organizing several successful events. Click here for more information.


The EmployUsYQL committee is a coalition of community agencies focused on promoting and advancing inclusive hiring practices of people with disabilities. Self-advocates provide an important voice on this committee. The committee’s vision is to create a stigma-free workplace(s) where individuals feel valued and are hired based on their assets. Click here for more information.

To contact any of the committees mentioned above, Contact Us.
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