Pie It Forward Fundraiser

 Pie It Forward Radio Ad 2017 (98.1 The Bridge/94.1 CJOC):

Pie It Forward is SAIPA’s annual signature fundraiser. This light-hearted event allows people to send a pie to be (gently) thrown in their friend’s, family member’s coworker’s or spouse’s face.

Here’s how it works:
Community members donate a minimum of $20 to buy a pie from SAIPA and send it to friends/spouses/family members as a friendly “pie in the face” gesture. Volunteers drive the pie to recipient, and let them know that they have been “pie’d”. The recipient has several options to keep the event fun and friendly.
Recipients can choose to:
⦁ Take the pie in the face (free)
⦁ Buy the pie to enjoy ($20)
⦁ Double the original donation to send back to the original sender or to new recipient of their choosing
Pies can be sent back and forth between two people multiple times. The higher the original donation amount, the higher the amount to send it back will be. Volunteers will bring items to ensure people stay relatively clean – tarps/bibs/wipes/etc
Funds raised through this event help SAIPA continue its programming for adults with disabilities so they can be leaders in their own lives. In 2017, we raised close to $6,000 to enhance self-advocacy workshops. These workshops continue to grow in demand each year.
Thank you to all of our sponsors, donors and community supporters for making this event possible! We couldn’t have done it without you! Watch out next year….




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