Clarence Marsh Memorial Award

2018 Clarence Marsh Memorial Award Winner: Kelly Tower

Kelly Tower (centre) with Charla Solly (left) and Melody Scout.

SRSAN is proud to present Kelly Tower with the 2018 Clarence Marsh Memorial Award.

Kelly is friendly and courteous to all.  He understands the issues that people with disabilities face and is open to new ideas. Kelly is involved in the community and promotes self-advocacy as a dedicated SAIPA and SRSAN board member on several committees. He is always willing to help when needed and offers before even being asked. He always has a smile for everyone.

Who was Clarence Marsh?  Clarence Marsh

Clarence (Butch) Marsh was a great man who worked very hard to promote self-advocacy and community inclusion. He was a dedicated volunteer and set positive examples for others in the community. Clarence was also the first chairperson of the South Region Self-Advocacy Network (SRSAN). He was an excellent leader and role model, believing that “anyone can learn at any age… people just need a chance.”

Clarence passed away suddenly on September 22, 2004. He is immensely missed by family and friends, but his message still lives on!

About the Award

Self-advocates wanted a way to honour their friend and the difference he made. SRSAN established the Clarence Marsh Memorial Award as a way to do that, while recognizing other self-advocates, too. In 2005, the first Clarence Marsh Memorial Award was presented to Lana Rutledge. Since then, SRSAN has awarded 10 self-advocates! Nominations open annually during the first three months of the year. Winners are chosen by SRSAN.

Clarence Marsh Award form 2019
Who can be nominated?

The nominee should be a friend and/or someone you know. No self-nominations are accepted. The nominee does not have to have leadership training, but should have leadership skills. The nominee should be a self-advocate and have all, or most of the following characteristics:


Clarence Marsh Nomination Form

  • (Street,City/town, Postal code)
  • (Street,City/town, Postal code)
  • Explain in 200 words or less why you think the person that you nominated should win. (The write-up cannot be less than 50 words) Deadline: March 31st, 2019 The winner will be announced in May 2019



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