About Us

Southern Alberta Individualized Planning Association (SAIPA) is a not-for-profit, charitable organization which supports people with disabilities to drive change in their communities as engaged and empowered citizens. We assist people with disabilities to gain self-determination skills and an understanding of human rights through workshops, advocacy and resources.  Follow the appropriate links to see the full scope of SAIPA’s services.

Incorporated in 1986 and governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, SAIPA serves Alberta’s south region (from British Columbia border to the Saskatchewan border to the U.S. border and south of Claresholm). Services will be provided to the Blood and Peigan First Nations if SAIPA is invited.

Funded by Disability Services (formerly Persons with Developmental Disabilities), two full-time and one part-time staff provide the above services. SAIPA also relies on several volunteers; their tireless dedication allows us to continue meeting the growing needs of those in our community.

SAIPA will respond to requests for assistance from:


Why do we do this? SAIPA realizes that when people with disabilities are educated about the choices and opportunities they have, the chance to experience safe, meaningful inclusion increases. We are working hard every day to break barriers and highlight the valuable contributions people with disabilities make in our community!

Our Future... A Better Place

A better place. We all want this.
A place we’re respected as valued citizens.
Where we find meaningful employment.
A place where worth isn’t solely measured in dollars and cents.
Where having a disability is simply a detail;
And because we’re included, because we contribute, everyone benefits -in tangible, measurable ways.
It’s a much better place. A place of belonging, opportunities, a better place to be… for all.