Apr 16 2019
Pie it Forward 2019

Our 3rd Annual Pie it Forward fundraiser will be held from June 10-14, 2019! This is a fun, light hearted event where people can pay $20 to have a pie thrown (gently) into someone of their choosing’s face! The recipient can either;

  1. Take the pie to the face
  2. Pay $20 and buy a real pie
  3. Donate double the sender’s amount and have the pie sent back to them!

Funds raised will assist SAIPA to further enhance its self-advocacy workshops, which have continued to grow in demand year after year. Course topics include rights, healthy relationships, self-esteem and abuse prevention. These workshops are crucial to giving adults with disabilities the skills to be safe, self-determined leaders in their own lives. SAIPA teaches 30 workshops per year in Alberta’s south region.

Order forms can be found at, or come stop by our office and fill one out!