Mar 3 2015
SRSAN & PDD Safety Standards Discussion

There were over 50 people present at the Lethbridge Library. There were five presenters and part way through the presentation we were joined by Tim Weinkauf, PDD Program Branch.


  1. Presentation by Chris Rowley, Self-Advocates thoughts on Standard 8


  1. CEO PDD Leigh Bremner


  2. Public Health Dr .Vivan Southford


  1. South Zone Environmental Public Health Inspector & Administrator – Mike Gervais & Shawn Lobson


Presentation from Self-Advocates

This information was pulled directly from letters written to the Minister of Human Services on February 11, 2015



  • Why are we being treated differently?
    • “I don’t like new rules. Why am I different from you? Would your house pass a health inspection? Why can’t my house be my house?”
    • “It is my home and if the rules apply to me it should apply to everyone else”
    • “Because I am funded by PDD does not make me any different than you or anyone. I am a person too!”
    • “How is this normal?”
  • Right to Privacy
    • “If I want people in my neighbourhood to know about my disability I should tell them because I want to, not because the government tells me I have to” (regarding zoning issues occurring in some communities)
    • “I deserve privacy in my own home”
    • “It would make me and my roommates feel angry and scared to have someone strange going through my house”
    • “I get sensitive and nervous if someone was looking at my stuff”
  • Why isn’t anyone asking us?
    • “These standards don’t reflect real life – it reminds me of institutional style living”
    • “It is important for people with disabilities to have a say about what goes on in their homes”
    • “We don’t like that we have limited participation in the process”
    • “We don’t like the lack of control we feel over this”
  • Who is going to pay?
    • “We are worried this will be expensive for our landlords”
    • “We are worried that landlords won’t want to rent to us because we come with all of these rules”
    • “This costs money that I don’t have”
    • “I am worried if there is no money to live up to the standard that I will lose my home”
  • Taxpayers money should go towards helping people not towards all of these government rules.
    • “Our staff do a good job helping us learn the skills to be safe”
    • “I am living up to my standards and that is good enough for me – I don’t need all of these extra people in my life looking at standards”



  • Knowing that you are safe
  • Let’s others know who are bad landlords
  • I know some homes aren’t maintaining good safety – that makes these inspections important.
  • It is good to have an inspector come into our home
  • It is good to have these rules in homes for people who have complex needs because it makes sure they are safe but they should still have a say.
  • I like that a fire inspector will come because I will know how to get out if there is a fire.



  • I feel that inspections are good BUT I don’t think it’s happening in the right way.
  • Let’s teach people about how to stay safe instead of forcing safety onto them. (i.e. workshops, educating people in their homes)
  • To make it better, it needs to include us more. We were not included in the process and we need to be. travel distance calculator We want to know when inspectors will be there and how to be a part of the process.
  • There are processes that are in place for people who rent houses with or without disabilities and these should be applied to everyone equally. We shouldn’t have extra inspections put on us because we need PDD support.
  • Some of the inspection points are great but others are too personal and in depth and have nothing to do with safety. Look at what is really necessary – not just a blanket standard.
  • Could some of the costs of these requirements be covered by the government?


Read the rest of the notes here: PDD Safety Standards