Jun 17 2013
PDD South Region Community Board Leadership Awards

PDD South Region Community Board Leadership Awards

The Persons with Developmental Disabilities South Region Community Board (PDD South) will be handing out their leadership awards on Friday June 21, 2013 from  3 – 4 pm at the Taber Aqua Center in the White Room.

PDD South will recognize individuals, families, businesses and organizations for their actions to promote community inclusion and improve the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities. PDD South sought out nominations in the spring in five award categories: self-advocacy, individual leadership, community citizenship, community disability service sector leadership, and family leadership.

The recipients of the PDD South Region Awards are automatically nominated for the corresponding provincial award. The provincial award winners will be announced and recognized at a date that is still to be determined.

The Self-Advocacy Award recognizes an adult with a developmental disability whose actions have made communities a more welcoming place for people with developmental disabilities.

The Individual Leadership Award recognizes an adult with a developmental disability who, through their achievements, has inspired others with developmental disabilities to become community leaders.

The Community Citizenship Award recognizes community members, businesses or organizations that have demonstrated leadership in creating communities that welcome adults with developmental disabilities as participating citizens.

The You Made A Difference Award recognizes an individual in the Community Disabilities Service Sector that has introduced innovative or best practice strategies that have improved the delivery of services for adults with developmental disabilities. This improvement could be related to personal outcomes for an individual; development of strategies that have proven effective in connecting individuals in community and being as independent as possible; and/or development of organizational approaches that improve effectiveness and efficiency of services to adults with developmental disabilities.

The Sharon Rowntree Family Leadership Award recognizes a family who has demonstrated leadership in developing welcoming communities.